WSSS is forming 200 Joint Liability Groups (JLGs)

  • Wayanad Social Service Society, with the financial assistance of NABARD, 200 Joint Liability Committees (JLGs) will be set up in Wayanad District. With this, it is possible to start 200 group level ventures. Joint liability groups consist of four to 10 members. The scheme is being implemented with the objective of launching various IGPs on a group basis, thereby ensuring a steady income for the financially backward families. The Wayanad Social Service Society will provide training to the groups involved in the scheme, including the training required before starting equity groups, the required records and the projects required to obtain a loan from the bank. The scheme is being implemented in association with Kerala Bank, Canara Bank and Kerala Grameen Bank. Wayanad Social Service Society Executive Director Rev. Fr.. Paul Koottala inaugurated the official lounging of the JLG program in WSSS. Associate Director Rev. Fr. Jinoj Palathadathil presided over the meeting. Program Officer P. A. Jose, Co-ordinator Jojo Thoppil, and Technical Expert Jancy Jijo spoke. Kerala Bank Agriculture Officer Asha Unni led the training on the occasion
    2022-01-25 11:14:16