Wayanad Social Service Society is one of the leading organizations to promote organic agriculture and Organic agriculture certification programme in Kerala. Starting with the small groups of 109 organic farmers in the year 2000, and now the program has been extended to 18650 farmers in 497 villages in different parts of Wayanad and 2 Panchayaths (Cherankod & Nellakkotta) from Nilgiri district, Tumilnadu, covering a total area of 14319.17 Hectors; among them 8560 farms with 5816.13 hector area, are organic certified and others are in conversion stage. It is the largest Small Farmer’s Group Certification Programme in Kerala. 

Through organic agriculture WSSS aims to promote sustainability of small and marginal farmers and their livelihoods, sustainable and eco-friendly life style and sustainable farms. With an integrated approach to the entire farming system and with focus on all aspects of production, processing and value addition and marketing, a new awareness and learning is being generated among the farming community, enabling them to avail the opportunities in the context of a global, market-economy even amidst persisting agricultural crisis. As the programme has not many parallels of its kind in Kerala, the effort has been so much to create a good model of market led livelihood promotion for the farming community and of participatory Natural Resource Management especially of soil, water and bio-mass, as to bring large number of farmers under the “Organic” label. 

The certification is being done by LACON certification agency, Onecert Asia Agri Certification and Indocert certifications are accredited certification bodies under APEDA (Agricultural & Processed Products Export Development Authority), Govt.of India. The organic agriculture production under the ICS (Internal Control System) of WSSS is in compliance with organic production methods as defined by Regulation (EEC) No 889/2008 and/or the National Organic Program of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Japan Agriculture standard (JAS), and National Program for Organic Production (NPOP), Govt. Of India.  Apart from the above mentioned organic certifications our farmers are also certified by Rainforest Alliance (RA) certification and Fair Trade certification from FLOCERT, Germany. All these certifications help our farmers to sell their products as premium products and they are getting a fair value.


Along with the promotion of organic agriculture production, WSSS has been developing processing, value addition and marketing of the products so as to provide better opportunities for the farmers. Bioland Agro Processing Center at Mananthavady is the initiative of WSSS for its commitment and concern towards the quality driven value added processing of Wayanad products which found a remarkable place in the national as well as international market. The farm produces grown in the Northern Region of Kerala became value added, processed and certified as per EEC Regulation No.834/2007 and subsequent amendments are at par with the legal requirements of USA and other importing countries. WSSS could directly export 90% of its procured coffee and spices.  WSSS developed its market in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, and USA.


Biowin  Agro Research is a Non-Profitable company established under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 1956 under the aegis of the Catholic Diocese of Mananthavady to support the small & marginal farmers and tribal communities with the motto of sustainable development and enrich the market of organically grown Spices, Coffee and Fruits available with organic certified farmers. Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS) as the parental organization paved the base for organic certification programme in the year 1999. 

. The Organic products of Biowin Agro Research are sourcing directly from the Certified Organic Farmers by giving premium price after ensuring the quality of products.

. 18650 farmers with 15% tribal representation having 14319.17 Ha land registered with our Organic Certification Programme accredited by NOP, NPOP, EU, USDA & JASS. We have 8560 certified organic farmers with 5816.13 Ha land to ensure continuous supply of quality organic produce.

. Wide range of Fair trade and RFA certified products ensure the satisfaction of farmers and sustainability of  nature

. Quality of products assured by ISO certified processing unit managed by us with all the modern facilities including Freeze Drying.

. Profit is utilized for the benefit of farmers and tribes through community driven projects

. 18650 farmers organized under 497 farmers groups managed by elected leaders and monitored by 200 animators and 13 experienced field coordinators

. An apex body of 88 lead farmers to determine the rate and utilization of social premium

. Regional collection centers for idea dissemination and judicial procurement of the produce in the district 

. Regular involvement by the Coordinators and animators to ensure the flow of group meeting conducted in every month and awareness seminars once in every three month.

. Traceability of the produce is ensured with lot number marked and direct transfer of fund to the individual bank account of each farmer

. Grass rout level involvement through participatory development programmes since 1974  

. Own community radio station for effective communication and training for the farmers even in the remote areas

. Dedicated training center, plant nursery to ensure good seedlings, organic manure preparation units

. ISO 9001:2008, 14001 & 22000 certified processing unit comprised with modern technologies and professionalism to comply with the international standards and quality parameters to satisfy the business partners.

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