In the aftermath of the Kerala Floods of 2018, an emerging and pressing need for Disaster Preparedness in Kerala was observed. The tragedy of 2018 was sudden, and people were not expecting or prepared for the impacts of the disaster. As part of emergency relief, response and recovery, several humanitarian organizations, NGOs, government and well-wishers had come forward to support the ailing population. Kerala received massive support for rebuilding, however, “it is also important to create armies of self-sufficient, well-prepared communities who can fight and face future disasters”. In order to take the concept forward, Caritas India, the second largest humanitarian network globally as well as the social wing of the Catholic Church in India, along with WSSS Mananthavady implementing an ambitious project wherein 10 wards at risk of facing disasters are selected from Edavaka Gram Panchayat and Padinjarathara Gram Panchayat.