Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) is a civil society organization registered under the Kerala Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955 in the year 2004 with the register No. ER 620/04 to operationalize its strategies for the effective organization of the informal workers of Kerala.  Now Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) works under the umbrella of Labour Commission of Catholic Bishops Council of Kerala as an effective NGO who caters the developmental needs of the unorganized labourers of the Kerala State.  KLM has a central level committee representing the different diocesan KLMs and functions in the dioceses through parish or village level committees, for the laborers and the Self Help Groups.

KLM Mananthavady Diocese is the Organ of KLM. It consists of standing for ensure the Job security and provide the maximum support for the labors from getting the government and comprehensive development of the unorganized Labours in Wayanad and Certain region in Kannur and Malappuram. Now, we have 1081 KLM members in an around the 50 Unit of Mananthavady diocese, Kerala. Most of the KLM Members in Swalamban Scheme, Because of when the members join in the Swalamban scheme, it ensure the Minimum pension of Rs1000 per monthly. KLM has other four Welfare Schemes like Kerala Cherukida Thottam Thozhilali Forum (KCTTF), Swathanthra Nirmana Thozhilali Union (SNTU), Kerala Domestic Workers Forum (KDWF), and Kerala Tailoring Thozhilali Forum (KTTF).